Sunday 9 October 2011

52 Weeks of {Happy} Mail ~ Starts Today!

The event starts today and this is the envelope I’ve masked, inked and stamped, ready to contain my first piece of happy mail.


A few people have said they like the idea, but couldn’t commit to sending something weekly, which is fair enough. I think it would still be nice to do, even if only on a monthly basis. There’s no need to go to the effort of decorating an envelope, like I have for this week, anything handwritten is acceptable and it doesn’t need to be a handmade card. To me, ‘Happy Mail’ is anything sent with love by a friend.

The Facebook page has reached over 1000 ‘Likes’ now, but there’s still time to add your name.

I’ll be sharing what I’m sending, every week throughout Blogtoberfest, on a Sunday or Monday. I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else will be mailing out. If you’re joining in, I’d love to hear from you.


Sian said...


I've been posting out paper bags - doesn't sound very exciting, but I hope it will make a few people happy lol

humel said...

It's so pretty! :) And I shall definitely aim to send out more items than usual in the spirit of the project - I've just been finishing off a little something for one recipient, and will be thinking about the next as soon as that's on its way!

And Sian - paper bags would sure make me happy :)

Julia Dunnit said...

Opoh that looks gorgeous. Am fascinated by this, but watching from the sidelines like a coward!

Alison said...'s official-I'm in, in a non-official capacity (that way I don't feel so bad if I forget for a few weeks or whatever)
Alison xx

Alison said...

OOPs! Meant to say that I love your envelope!
Alison xx

Jo.C said...

Now this is just getting spooky now - it is like we are living in a parallel universe. Great envelope :0)

Sandra said...

Oh Fi this is lovely and it's such a great idea

Beverly said...

gorgeous envelope, it will surely put a smile on someone's face :) I am excitd to get started this week. I am making a notebook to tracle who I send to but I also have a master list of people I want to send something to in this year...more than 52 :)

Ginger said...

I think this is a wonderful idea and I like that there is no pressure to decorate, I agree with your statement about Happy Mail :)

Miriam said...

Your envelope is just beautiful, I am going to join in with this, I have no idea how it will work for me but I really love to get something in the post! real post not in a brown envelope. x