Monday 31 October 2011

Blogtoberfest ~ It’s a Wrap!

I can’t believe it’s the 31st of October already. More than that, I can’t believe that I have managed to post every single day this month. Hooray!

It’s been a strange evening here. We usually go out to an event in a local town for Halloween, so we’ve never been at home to receive Trick or Treaters, since moving here nearly four years ago. I got in a supply of sweets and turned some lollies into spiders, like the ones I shared on Friday. Although mine had eight legs!

By five o’clock, it was completely dark and we waited for the door bell to start ringing, but it didn’t. At half past six we drove across town for fish and chips (to soften the back to school blow) and saw throngs of costumed children up and down the pavements, but not a single one of them came our way.

I was a bit disappointed, but strangely the children were not. Could it be the thought, that the rather large bucket of treats is now theirs for the taking?

I couldn’t find the photo I wanted to share, of my children about to go Trick or Treating for the very first time, so this one will have to do.


It’s still a first. Me dressing up for Halloween, at the grand old age of twenty. I’m second from the left, in case you don’t recognise me with that green face!

I know not all my readers are fans of Halloween, but I hope you all had the kind of evening you wanted. Whether that was a constant stream of Trick or Treaters at the door, out and about with your own little spooks, or just cosy at home, with the curtains drawn against the dark night.


Suzy said...

Well done Fi. I know.theres no.way I could have.blogged anything of interest every day

Beverly said...

It was cold and rainy here so we only had 2 trick or treaters. We never have many, our cul de sac is dark and our driveway steep :( I miss that part of my boys being little.

Beverly said...

Oh and doing all of Blogtoberfest is very impressive! Bravo!

Julia said...

Kids had a lovely evening and have a bucket of "candy" each. We went out to see KT Tunstall which happened to fall on the same night! Well done on blogging every day - I take my hat off to you!!

Sian said...

Well done on Blogtoberfest!

We had a steady stream of visitors. My favourite was a little 6 year old Elvis

alexa said...

Amazing to have blogged every day! Has it given you a taste for carrying on or will you be collapsing in a heap? :)

scrappyjacky said...

We didn't get a single trick or treater....and was quite surprised as we have a few children in our road.

Jo said...

Well done for posting every day and I have to say they were great posts every day, I couldn't have done it!

When I first moved to my house I decked it out in Halloween stuff, lots of ghosts, pumpkins, lights and sweets and I didn't get one knock on the door :(

Alison said...

Well done on completing Blogtoberfest!
Alison xx

Karen said...

Well done Fi - I wouldn't be able to blog every day ... but then we all know that already lol ! Love the Halloween pic too :)