Tuesday 18 October 2011

The Lady of Shalott

Last week I shared my entry for Collage in Bloom, part of a circle journal which is almost completed now. The first journal I received was My Favourite Poem and I chose Tennyson’s beautiful ballad.


And sometimes through the mirror blue

The knights come riding two and two:

She hath no loyal knight and true

The Lady of Shalott.


As often through the purple night,

Below the starry clusters bright,

Some bearded meteor, trailing light,

Moves over still Shalott.


humel said...

This is such a lovely idea! I've read about circle journals and love the idea of them, but I think I worry that my contributions wouldn't be 'good enough' - that I'd let the book down.... But the wandering snake book thingy is a tiny step in that direction! Which is a massive digression - what I really wanted to say is how much I love this! xx

Suzy said...

I love your entry Fi. Im still struggling a bit with mine

Jo said...

Your entry is beautiful, I love the colours

Sian said...

Beautiful! I'll be rolling these lovely words round my head today after reading this :)

Alison said...

Love the colours you've used!
Alison xx

Lizzie said...

Oh fun! I remember the poem, The Lady of Shalott. Used to rather give me the chills when I was a teenager!
I love the stamped image with the frame - rather gorgeous, especially with that rich colour-scheme!