Thursday 20 October 2011

Rainbow Pages

I want to make some little notebooks like the one in the picture below.

I have it pinned to one of my boards on Pinterest, but for some reason it no longer links to the website with the original post. I’ve got a rough idea of how to make them, but some instructions would certainly come in handy.

I thought I knew just the place to look and sure enough, Lizzie didn’t let me down. She has a lovely detailed tutorial, that is clear and easy to follow. I’ve cut my pages, which is what could be seen on my desk yesterday, now I just need to assemble them. I’ll let you know how I get on.

I’ll be back tomorrow with my usual Friday Five, more Halloween ideas this week.


Melissa said...

What a cute book idea and Lizzie's tutorial is fabulous. Looking forward to seeing your book.

Ginger said...

Very cute! This would make a nice little gift :) Happy to hear you found the link!

Lizzie said...

Oh thank you so much! I did enjoy making that tutorial and I'm very glad it's proving so useful!
Enjoy your book-binding and please show us the finished result?
I made a book with rainbow pages too - it had red, orange, yellow, green, aqua, blue, dark blue, purple, magenta.... The cover was of orange paper with lots of coloured butterflies, lined with black card. I loved it and it had a good home, as a gift for a friend in USA!

Sian said...

The coloured pages really make a special looking notebook, don't they?