Wednesday 27 July 2016

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday #373

Hello. It's been over a month since I showed you my kitchen table. How very remiss of me. The party is now back at Julia's place, after a few weeks of being capably hosted by the lovely Jan.

This was the scene yesterday afternoon. I was making a batch of cards using my new Jar of Love stamps and dies. It started to rain before I had a chance to take any photos.

Instead I'll show you the card I gave Darnell, when I had the good fortune to meet up with her (along with Jan, Julia and Morti) last week. What a lovely afternoon and evening we had. I never imagined the connections I would make when I started this little blog of mine. On Friday, I'm off to London to make some more. Can't wait.

Monday 4 July 2016

Memorandum Monday ~ Shrouds

On Saturday afternoon I met a dear friend in Exeter and we stood in the sunshine trying to comprehend what was laid out before us. 19,240 figures. Each one representing a life lost on the first day of the Battle of the Somme.

It was almost impossible to take in. My photograph doesn't even begin to portray the enormity of it. I wondered aloud, what we have learned 100 years on. After the events of last week, not much it would seem.

Linking up with Sian this Monday afternoon. You can read about the shrouds here.

Friday 1 July 2016

Snap! ~ Wild Hearts

I'm taking part in Rinda's Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt again this year. The first item on the list is a "wild heart" - a naturally occurring heart. I've come across a fair few of these on my daily walks.

Here are some of them, making a set of visually similar images for Helena's Snap!