Monday 1 October 2012

Hello Monday, Hello Blogtoberfest

  • Hello laptop. I’m so glad to have you back.
  • Hello blog friends. How I’ve missed visiting you all.
  • Hello Blogland. It feels good to be back.
  • Hello Blogtoberfest. I’m looking forward to joining in again.
  • Hello new blogging schedule. I hope I can keep up.

  • The plan for this week is to:

    We’ll see how it goes!

    ETA I've been using Live Writer for so long now that I've completely forgotten how to work in HTML. Having spent, what feels like, the whole day trying to get this post to look right I'm just going to publish as is.


    Maria Ontiveros said...

    I find it really helpful to have a plan for my blog sometimes. I think your post "looks" just fine.

    Jo.C said...

    I am still deciding whether to take part again. I need something to jump start my blogging. Good to see you back - have missed you :0)

    Jo said...

    Looking forward to seeing all of your posts :)

    Carin McDonough said...

    Your line up looks great, keep thinking I should do a planned blogging week including a recipe day but I am a terrible blogger and don't know how well I would keep up with it lol so I haven't tried yet. Good luck with yours I look forward to seeing it all! :)

    alexa said...

    And your post looks absolutely great! I love its clean simplicity, and am looking forward to reading more now you and Laptop are safely reunited!

    Kat McNally said...

    Hello Angelfish! That looks like a wonderful plan!
    Delighted you're with us on the Blogtoberfest12 journey.
    Kat xx

    Julia said...

    Thanks for sharing this - I'm going to give it a go too :)

    Lisa-Jane said...

    Sounds interesting! BTW I have no idea about what you said about writing blog posts, I can barely cope with Blogger! Wonderful to see you back xx