Thursday 11 October 2012

Because I am a girl

Today is the first ever International Day of the Girl.


Here is my girl daydreaming in the sunshine…..


…..and dressed for her first day at secondary school.

Not all girls are so lucky.

‘Globally, one in three girls is denied a secondary education by the daily realities of poverty, discrimination and violence. Every day, young girls are forced into marriage, isolated from their friends and subjected to abuse.

Yet, with education, skills and support, girls can choose their own future and be a force for change. Plan’s 75 years of experience has shown us that educated girls are likely to be healthier, to earn more, and to marry and have children later. An educated girl is more likely to reinvest her knowledge and income into her family and community.’

You can help. Join the Plan to help millions more girls complete their education.

Take a minute of your time today to sign this petition to prevent girls from being forgotten. If you’re a scrapbooker, then perhaps you’d like to sign up for one of Shimelle’s classes, or gift one to a friend if you’ve taken them all already. 100% of the class fees for today’s registrations will be donated to Plan’s Girls’ Fund.

Please help if you can. Don’t all girls deserve the chances that our own have?


alexa said...

This seems such an appropriate day to be having in the light of what has been happening to teenage girls in other places - and your lovely post and photos just show what a difference it makes when a girl feels loved, valued and free to be herself.

humel said...
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humel said...

Good for you, Fiona. A most worthy cause indeed.

Jo said...

Great post Fi and beautiful photos x

Maria Ontiveros said...

What a fantastic post! Thanks for sharing it.

Lisa said...

Great post Fiona and DD looks gorgeous and yep I'll gladly sign too


Amy said...

Oh I love your post too! I am so grateful for being born into the family I was in this country - it's all ajackpot and so cruelly unfair and devastating for many others.

Julia said...

Beautiful post and lovely photos :)

Lisa-Jane said...

Your girl is gorgeous and yes we must appreciate exactly what we have here and what we often take for granted.

Sian said...

Definitely. Yes, they do! A good post with a gorgeous model

MarkD said...

Fab post

Carin McDonough said...

Beautiful photos Fiona and I have signed the petition :)