Saturday 18 October 2014

Stampin’ Up Saturday ~ Notelet Set

If you visited on Wednesday you would have seen the panic stations preparation for this project. As last minute makes go, I’m pretty pleased with it and it was well received. The box is very easy to put together, using the envelope punch board.


You’ll need an 8” square of cardstock, stamped with your choice of design. I’ve left mine blank for the photos so that you can see the score lines more easily.


Line the left hand edge of the cardstock up at the 3 1/2” mark, punch and score. Slide the cardstock a little further to the left, lining up at the 4 1/2” mark, repeat.


Turn the cardstock anticlockwise, line the score guide up with the previously scored line, punch and score. This gives a perfect right angle, which you might not achieve by lining up the edge of the card with the measurements at the top of the board.


Continue to turn the cardstock anticlockwise, until all four sides are punched and scored. Lining up the score guide with the previously scored lines each time. Use the corner rounder, at the back of the board, to finish the top and bottom flaps.


Cut from the first score line up to the second, at the corner squares, to form tabs.


Turn over and bring the side flaps in, adhering with a small amount of glue. Add a little more glue on the inside of the bottom flap (as shown) and on the bottom tabs (marked with a star in the previous picture) and fold up to form the box.


This size box will hold four 4” cards and envelopes.


To hold the box closed, I added one of my “fluffy” flowers. It is raised up on foam pads, stuck only to the side and bottom flaps. The top flap tucks behind it. I stamped my cardstock to match the notelets, but you could use heavier weight scrapbook paper and substitute a scalloped layered circle to match your box.

The Envelope Punch Board is a very useful tool, not only for making envelopes to match your handmade cards, but for lots of different boxes, including these. Endless possibilities for packaging little gifts. If you make one, I’d love to see it.


Wendy said...

what a great use for the board - I have only made envelopes so far! Must have a go at these :-)

Lou said...

i like the look of these and the box tut is good x

Sandra said...

Oh Fi this looks lovely

KraftyKaren said...

Love the box - thanks for the tutorial x

Sian said...

It's a perfect little box. I can see this set being used as a great little fundraiser

scrappyjacky said...

Love the box....perfect for a variety of uses.

Susanne said...


My not so simple life said...

ohhhh I love this! And I have this board!