Tuesday 7 October 2014

A little piece of family history

I had no idea what I was going to blog about today. I taught a card class this morning in Mere and by happy chance, one of our Meadow Barn group of friends was in the area and able to come and join me. It was a beautiful sunny morning and, as I walked back to the car afterwards, I was thinking, ’G is for….what?’


I thought of the Grove Building on the other side of town. Shame it’s bin day!


It was built in 1891 as an annexe to the school, with a gift of money from local benefactress, Julia Chafyn Grove. During the First World War it became a Red Cross hospital, staffed by volunteers.


So what’s the family connection? It’s where my Mum went to school, in the fifties.

I’m really enjoying the October prompts for Photo A Day. Today’s letter encouraged me to go out of my way, to find something interesting (to me anyway) to photograph and I’ve recorded another little story for my children.


Sian said...

Complete coincidence - I drove past the school my Mum went to in the 30's yesterday and I realised I've been meaning to take a picture for years. You actually did it!

debs14 said...

I went to the same primary school that my mother and grandmother went to! It was an OLD building! It was a little church school, and has now been converted into a house, but whenever I see it I feel real affection for its place in my family history.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

What a beautiful building! I love the brick work and the architecture of old buildings like that. I'm really amazed by that beautiful blue sky - not something I see often in photos from the UK. :o)

Sandra said...

It's great that you don't worry about bin day ... You got a sky to take more than make up for it :)

KraftyKaren said...

And it was a very lovely class too Fiona and such a beautiful day - sorry we couldn't spend more time with you - next time I will keep the afternoon free so that we can lunch xx

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous old building. Sad to say I don't know where my Mum went to school.