Thursday 19 November 2015

Silent Night

Wednesday began well, with a fun and festive card class in the morning. A lunch of leftovers, my favourite kind. Then, out of nowhere, came that little zig zagging patch of light, disrupting my vision. There was only one thing for it: take some medication and retreat to a darkened room for the rest of the day. Now comes the wrung out dish rag feeling. Fellow migraine sufferers will know what I'm talking about. A quiet one for me today.

In lieu of a "What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday" post, as it's now Thursday, I've got a pair of cards to share from that class yesterday.

Trees stamped at full strength, then stamped again without re-inking to give a paler impression. A sky full of embossed snow and a little touch of glitter.

A change of colour scheme and stamped snow flakes this time. What a great font that is.

Both easily mass produced, which is just what I need as we hurtle towards December.

How is your seasonal crafting coming along?


Sian said...

It's coming along quite nicely thank you :)

You've still managed to produce something lovely for us to look at today.

Sorry about the migraine :( I hope you've got to the nicer part now: the lovely relief when it wears off

Louise H said...

Fab cards - I can't even seem to be successful with 'simple' designs.
Hope you have recovered from the migrane. I think fluorescent lights are a trigger for me. The worst part is usually the visual disturbance, not good when your in a classroom and can't really focus on anything! I often get a headache just before and just after but thankfully mine aren't the incapacitating type - just annoying. x

Maggie said...

These cards are super. Sorry to hear about your migraine. Although I have headaches I fortunately don't get full blown migraines. I get those flashy lights . Usually I can carry on ok but I have had to stop the car and once had it at work looking after a sick child and had to get someone to take over.

Susanne said...

Those are both lovely. As I did last year, I am putting my goal of sending hand crafted cards off until next year. I did manage to get Christmas postage stamps to send my store-bought cards though. Baby steps.

Jo said...

I've just been told that my migraines are in fact cluster headaches, 3 day long cluster headaches so I certainly feel your pain along with that sinking feeling when you know one is about to start. Those cards are really beautiful x

Patio Postcards said...

Both gorgeous cards. I like the embossed background in the first card but oh the snowflakes were so pretty - the only kind of snow I really like, stamped or printed on paper. I could not pick a favorite. Hoping your migraine is gone gone gone. I know that feeling of wanting to just lay still in the dark.

Sandra said...

You really make the most beautiful of cards Fi. I do hope you're feeling better xxx