Sunday 26 October 2014

Photo A Day ~ October Round Up #4

Yes, I’m still going with this challenge. I’ve got another half dozen shots for you today.

Q is for….


….quarter inch seams. I’ve sewn a lot of these this week.

R is for….


….red onion. It seems to be a feature of everything I cook lately.

S is for….


….stripes. A wardrobe staple for me.

T is for….


….Tula Pink, Tree of Life. It *might* become a dress eventually.

U is for….


….university tours. Two down….

V is for….


….vanilla bean {vegan} lip balm. My current favourite flavour.

W is for….


….will I crack it this time? I think I might just do that!


Sandra said...

I think you have cracked it :) ... And yes I am in awe. Well done

scrappyjacky said...

It certainly looks like you've cracked it.

Linda said...

Great photos, a lovely little glimpse into your life!

Jo said...

Great photos and I definitely think you've cracked it with the crochet!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Your quarter inch seams are amazingly even!! They're a work of art in their own right :-)

Sian said...

You will crack it, you will! And then you'll be looking for even more hours in the day, as I am. Crochet project dreaming is addictive as all the rest..

jill said...

All looking good Fiona,

Wendy said...

great photos- I wish I could do seams like that!

KraftyKaren said...

Fab photos, hope you are having fun doing the uni visits. Well done with getting going with the crochet!!

debs14 said...

You are remarkabley neat in all your crafty work; it's very impressive.
Good luck with the uni visits, and then the big decisions have to be made!

Lou said...

looks like you have cracked it x

Miriam said...

Hello Fiona, catching up with you this morning. I loved this Alphabet challenge, what a fun thing to do. I did it through October but of course didn't get to post about it until now. I wanted to say that your fabric choices and work are so beautiful, yes you are very neat. How is the friendship quilt going? I would love to see the finished quilts. Will you do doing a link up?