Thursday 10 May 2012

10 Things on the Tenth ~ Recipes

I hadn’t even realised it was the 10th of the month, until I happened to glance at the calendar while I was cooking dinner tonight. What to choose as a theme? The inspiration was right there in front of me….in the saucepan. I make a meal, usually from scratch, every evening. Here, in no particular order, are the last 10 I’ve cooked.

1. Creamy Tomato and Bacon Risotto


2. Oven baked salmon with new potatoes and vegetables

3. Chicken Noodle Stir Fry

4. Free range chicken with roast potatoes and vegetables

5. Tuna Pasta Bake


6. My vegetarian version of The (Not So) Small One’s bolognaise style bake.


7. Sea bass with roasted sweet potatoes, red onion and peppers

8. Fake fajitas


9. Ham, egg and homemade chips


10. Bacon wrapped chicken with sweet potato wedges and sweetcorn

There you have it. Our menu for the last ten days.

Shimelle doesn’t seem to be hosting the lists this month, but I’ll post my anyway.


Jo.C said...

Will have to try the risotto as it looks lovely. Well done on your last minute inspiration :0)

Suzy said...

Mmmmm These all look and sound really yummy Fi

Jennifer Grace said...

Ooh lovely. I was just thinking the other day that I should start photographing my meals more. The chicken and noodles looks delicious! x

Beverly said...

just my luck to stop by while trying to fill time while waiting for dinner lol, it all looks yummy. It totally slipped my mind that it's the tenth!

Julia said...

Love the sound of the sea bass recipe and I see you have my all time fave meal on there - ham, egg and chips! It hits the spot like nothing else can!!

Claire Crompton said...

Wow my mouth is watering at your meals, is it lunchtime yet??


Sian said...

Yum! I'm a big sea bass fan - want to come round and make some for us? I'm going to go back and double check if I labelled that recipe - it's from the Virtual Pot Luck Blog Hop and thank you for sharing it

KraftyKaren said...

What a fab ten and good to see ham, egg and chips on the menu - a big favourite in this house especially the day after having a gammon roast LOL!!

Karen x

Connie Mercer said...

these dishes look amazing and amzingly delish!!!

Kirsty.A said...

Yummy!!! Shimelle's post is up now BTW

Nathalie said...

Made my mouth water!

Sandra said...

All looks yummy, I'm a fan of the chicken noodles :)

Jen said...

Oh - so mouthwatering - a really yummy list!

Alison said...

These look lovely Fiona...particularly like the look of the chicken and noodles!
Alison xx

Sarn said...

MMMMm . . . . yummy . .. I feel hungry now, just looking at your meals. xxx