Monday 28 May 2012

Salad Days

The temperature has risen during the last few days and we’ve been enjoying the sunshine. I was more than happy to forgo my usual Sunday task of producing a roast dinner and hand the reins over to my husband. Of course I wasn’t totally off the hook, because the accompanying salads are my department, while the fire starting and charcoaling of large quantities of meat are his.


I was a vegetarian for around a decade, before having my children and learning to cook meals that included meat and fish. I would happily live on salads of the green and leafy variety during hot weather, but that just wouldn’t cut it around here. This pasta salad is simple to throw together and pleases everyone. Even my daughter with her aversion to ‘green bits’ !

Egg Pasta Salad

3 handfuls of wholemeal pasta twists

3 eggs (hardboiled)

3 plump (or 6 skinny) spring onions

3 spoonfuls* of mayonnaise

freshly ground black pepper

Cook the pasta, drain and cool slightly

Stir in 2 spoonfuls of mayonnaise

Chop the eggs and spring onions

Stir into the pasta with remaining spoonful of mayo

Season with plenty of black pepper

This is the amount I make when it is just the four of us and we have things to eat that go inside rolls or pitta bread. It leaves a decent portion for my son to take in his lunchbox the next day. He’s always on hand when the pasta goes in the pan, just to make sure. The quantities are very easily adaptable to whatever you need.

I’m hoping there will be plenty more opportunities to enjoy some al fresco dining in the coming months. Long live the salad.

*The size of spoon is entirely up to you.


Sian said...

It sounds very tasty!

scrappyjacky said...

Sounds delicious.....I do a very similar one with tuna instead of eggs.

Alison said...

Sounds delish!
Alison xx

Susanne said...

I think I need to try this - looks very tasty.

Jo.C said...

Oh now I like this - I love egg and pasta - will try this.

alexa said...

Mmmm, now that looks like my kind of salad! Especially if it is warm - I actually like tepid food. :)

Beverly said...

thanks for the yummy addition, I am so happy we are headed into the hot days :)