Saturday 30 January 2016

SIPIDI! ~ January Round Up

I've tried lots of new recipes this month. A few of them have included one of my favourite things. Chickpeas.

These are the ingredients for Spanish Chickpea and Potato Bake.

It looked so good when it came out of the oven that we dived right in and I forgot to take a photo. The filling smells wonderful as it cooks. The Mechanic actually commented on it when he walked in the door that evening. This almost never happens. It's topped with sliced potatoes, which crisp up in the oven and spread with sun dried tomato pesto. Delicious.

Hummus is regular fare around here and often on the lunch menu. There are some unusual variations in Anna Jones' book, A Modern Way to Eat, using different pulses. The Happy Pear has a trio of hummus recipes too. The beetroot variety is a fantastic colour. I've not tried that one yet, but the roasted carrot version is lovely.

A quick mention for avocados,  which Deb talked about earlier in the week. Another favourite lunch staple of mine and something I've been having on toast for the last twenty years. Lots of great variations on the theme, if you're stuck for inspiration.

Links to everything on my Meat Free Pinterest board. If you've joined in with SIPIDI! this month leave a comment so that I can find your post and I'll pin you to the board. Have a great weekend.


Sian said...

What else can I say? Yum. Better than my sausage and cannellini bean casserole yesterday, which took a turn when I discovered I'd bought butter beans by accident..

Sandra said...

Sounds yummy. I'll check out your board xx

KraftyKaren said...

I must dig out the photos - I did a nail art for SIPIDI last month and not got round to blogging it yet.

Kyla said...

I understand your love of the humble chick pea, a great protein packed little bomb.

classic-mini66 said...

You have inspired me, I have a tin of chickpeas lurking in the pantry without any plans

Jo said...

I think I will definitely be trying some of those dishes!