Friday 23 October 2015

SIPIDI! ~ Update

I realised this morning, that today is not the last Friday of the month at all. That would be next week. I said I'd be back with a progress report though, so here I am.

When I made my first Ginger skirt, I added a contrast waistband facing in a printed cotton. Mainly because I thought a double thickness of denim would feel bulky around my waist, but also.....polkadots. I didn't pay attention to the instructions (which are very comprehensive) because I thought I knew what I was doing.

Once I'd pressed the facing to the inside, I proceeded to catch it down by hand, in the same way I did with my Lonsdale dress. What I should have done is stitched in the ditch with the machine. I turned a 5 minute job into a very much longer one. Ah well, I love the nice neat finish on the inside.

I'm planning to make the pocket version with a soft non-stretch denim. I think the skirt has a 70s vibe to it and I'm hoping the fabric I've ordered will be just the shade of blue I associate with that era. I'll be adding a patterned facing again, but this time I'll follow the instructions and sew it down with the machine. I think having contrast stitching on the outside will be a nice feature on a denim skirt.

As for the cafetiere cosy, I have the fabric cut and ready to sew. I need to source some fusible fleece (although I may just use interfacing instead) then I can get started. I already have the Insul-Bright and didn't realise any other specialist supplies were required. Not paying attention to instructions? I'm sensing a theme.

That's my SIPIDI! How's yours going? Point me in the right direction, if you've blogged already, and I'll add you to the Pinterest board. Next week, when it really is the last Friday of the month, there will be another post with a Linky list and, if things go to plan, a finished project to share.


Sandra said...

Exciting, I can't wait to see. I'm loving your sewing exploits xx

Louise H said...

As someone who can't even sew a button on I will happily admire from the side lines. I am a huge disappointment to my mother who made her wedding outfit, my wedding dress, all the bridesmaid dresses and hundreds of items of clothing in between times and since. Sewing machines scare me - I have poor coordination and would probably sew my own hands together. x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

You can order fusible fleece through Fabricland but my local shop stocks it, so I could get you some and give it to you at the Crop! It's £10 a metre...let me know how much/if you want some :-)
Great fabrics btw!
Hugs, LLJ xxxx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Ps. What size do you want because I may have some off cuts from bag making :-) xxx

Anonymous said...

No SIPIDI here this month. Hopefully next month there will be. Looks your's are coming along nicely and yes stitching on a denim skirt would b perfect!

Sian said...

Because Polka Dots says it all, really :) A cheeky little flash of colour like this? It just lifts it to a whole new level. I love it.

KraftyKaren said...

I see you have already seen my sipidi. Love the polka dots and look forward to seeing your sipidi hopefully next week. I will link up when your linky goes live.

Jo said...

I can't wait to see you makes, that fabric is gorgeous x