Monday 3 August 2015

Me on Monday ~ The Sew Photo Hop Edition

It was mostly a decluttering sort of weekend around here. There is much to do and it takes our minds off the impending exam results. I also came across a fun sewing related photo challenge on Instagram. A prompt a day, for the month of August, from Rachel at House of Pinheiro.

Saturday was an introduction and you all know me already so I won't put that here. For Sunday's prompt there were just too many things to choose from: family, friends, books, aside from the many sewing related necessities so I went a little tongue in cheek.....

Day 2: Can't (won't) live without.....chickpeas. In falafels, hummus, soup and curries or spiced and roasted. I love them. They make pretty good pattern weights too.

Today you would have found me sorting out my box of patchwork fabric. The final square for the Friendship Quilt arrived with the recipient last week. I've been patiently waiting, until everyone had a full set, to put mine together. The shot for this blog post turned out to fit today's prompt too.

Day 3: Colourful fat quarters, I am powerless to resist you.

I picked out the fabrics I used in all the blocks, to cut corner squares for the sashing. Can't wait to see how it turns out. Anyone else thinking about putting their quilt top together?

A quick wave to Sian and then my screen curfew will be upon me. Have a great week.


Sandra said...

Such fun to take part in challenges like this, it makes you really think, doesn't it.

Glad the decluttering is going well. I started clearing some of my food cupboards today. I'm sure the date fairy comes and changes the sell by dates on cans! It's not possible they are that out of date lol

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Oooh, fat quarter luscious ness on your desk today. Resistance is futile......... :-)

Jo said...

I love fat quarters, they suck you in and make you think you're only spending a little on a nice bit of fabric and before you know it you've got lots of lovely little bits of fabric in your basket that have cost a fortune! :) xx

Sian said...

When we were on holiday I visited a Hobbycraft, which we don't have here, and gave in to a fat quarter urge..but this bundle is for doll's clothes rather than a quilt.

Have a great week Fiona (I know, trying to keep exam results out of your head as we are)

KraftyKaren said...

I can never resist pretty fat quarters, I never have any idea what I am really going to do with them, but they always look so lovely

Look forward to seeing your finished quilt

Julia said...

You have a screen curfew? lol! Pretty fabrics all round x

Sheena said...

Loving all the fabrics
same you don't live closer as I'd be round for a nosy :)

Lou said...

Results have been on my mind today. Thankfully no1 son is away keeping busy so i'm hoping they are not on his mind. Those fat quarter look lush x