Monday 24 August 2015

Me on Monday ~ The School Friends Edition

It was a wet weekend but we refused to let it dampen our spirits. Yesterday I met up with the Class of '87. We've done it before, you might remember. This year our little band had grown and yet again I had the pleasure of seeing people that I hadn't crossed paths with since the day we left school, 28 years ago. Surely not?

Here we are at the top of Gold Hill, on our way to meet the rest of our friends already in the pub at the bottom. Yes, it really is August and I'm wearing boots and a waterproof! I didn't take a single photo all day and had to pinch this one from Facebook. I was doped up on codeine and far too busy catching up.

Me on Monday? Playing board games with my children on another rainy afternoon and wishing it was Wednesday. I've aggravated an old back injury and that's the day I get to see the chiropractor. It can't come soon enough.

In other news my girl got the results she needs to begin her college course in September. We can all breathe a collective sigh of relief now. Happy days. Waving to Sian and hoping there is sunshine wherever you are.


Sandra said...

What wonderful news about the results.

And goodness yes, for you to be in boots, it must be chilly lol

Sian said...

Hurray for starting college! Wonderful news.

How lovely to be meeting up again. It sounds like they are a great bunch if they're worth venturing outside for in that kind of cold! I hope your back improves and that you are feeling a bit (or a lot) better by the end of the week

Lou said...

ahh lovely to hear your daughter done well. I;m so glad all the waiting is over!

Looks like a good group of you met up - it is lovely to see how everyone has done since leaving school

debs14 said...

Fab news about the exam results - lots of changes in your household coming in September!
What a lovely reunion photo - and just to make you feel really young - I left school in 1976 !!!!!

Jo said...

That sounds like a nice weekend. Well done to your girl and I hope your back is feeling better x

KraftyKaren said...

Well I've just seen on Facebook that the chiropractor helped so that is good. Reunion sounds nice, I ducked out of our '35 years since we left school get together' - the 25 year one left me feeling such a failure, I figured I could do without it this time around :D

Have a great week especially as your back is a little better now x

Julia said...

What a fab way to spend the weekend. It's so good that you meet so regularly. Congratulations again to your girl x

My not so simple life said...

Glad you had a good weekend, never heard of that game, is it fun?