Saturday 4 April 2015

Stampin’ on Saturday ~ Four Feathers

As promised, I’m back with a few cards for you. Whenever I am considering purchasing a new stamp set, I always try to think of three different ways in which I could use it, *before* I part with my cash. If I can’t, then I don’t buy. With the Four Feathers set it was easy to visualise what I would do with it and once I had it in my hands the ideas just kept coming.


Stamped simply in soft blue and green with a sentiment added. It took longer to cut the card to size than it did to stamp it. I inked up half of each feather with a different colour inkpad. Easy to do. Just a little care needed.


The line drawn feather in the set lent itself to the Triple Stamping technique. I added some speckles from Gorgeous Grunge to break up the cream background.


Lastly, my favourite, a watercolour version using all four feathers. It divided the class as some are not keen on “messy” techniques, preferring a clean crisp finish. This is much more my own style and the type of card I would usually make for the fun of the process, rather than a class project. I coloured the stamps using water based marker pens and misted lightly before stamping. Gorgeous Grunge puts in an appearance again, around the edge this time. It reminded me of speckled eggs.

There you have it, Three ways with Four Feathers. I have a feeling it won’t be the last you see of it. I’ve yet to explore the possibilities of the matching dies.

Happy Easter everyone.


Lou said...

They are all fave is the first one with the two tone colour x

alexa said...

Your watercolour effect is very delicate - I see what you mean about the look of eggs. Though I have a soft spot for that beautifully balanced top one too.

Miriam said...

The first one for me too. Happy Easter Fiona.

Julia said...

I love them all! I am in awe of your talent x

KraftyKaren said...

All very lovely, the first one is my favourite

Cheri said...

They are all gorgeous and I can't pick a favorite. Happy Easter!

Sian said...

The speckled egg one is especially beautiful, but really they are all lovely. It does indeed look like a gorgeous stamp set.

Happy Easter!

My not so simple life said...

beautiful cards, love the first one best :)

Jo said...

They are all lovely cards but the triple stamped one is my favourite x