Monday 20 April 2015

Me on Monday ~ The Ginger Edition

Today you’ll find me a little distracted. My girl has her Art exam. The first half of it anyway. She was a bit anxious when she left, although excited to be spending an uninterrupted five hours drawing. The best thing of all? She’s missing PE!


For her, it was a rough sketching, preliminary drawing sort of weekend.


For me, it was all about the Ginger skirt. A denim ironing, grain line measuring (why didn’t I think of using my quilting ruler before?), pattern tracing, fabric cutting…..


…..waistband assembling (loving those polka dots for the inside), seam finishing (in my favourite old school style), edge folding (the Ezy-Hem makes it so easy), zip avoiding kind of weekend.


Me on Monday? I can’t put it off any longer. Wish me luck.

Waving back to Sian on this beautiful sunny afternoon. Coffee in the garden to look forward to, once I’ve conquered that pesky zip.


Sian said...

Definitely waving at the Ginger Edition! Lots of luck all artists and zippers alike. Hope everything goes well all round..

..and the rest of the week follows suit!

debs14 said...

The skirt is looking lovely and I bet by now that zip is in and looking wonderful.
Hope the art exam went well. It's good to get one 'under your belt' and I'm sure she'll be full of how it went when she gets home.
Looking forward to seeing you model that skirt very soon!

My not so simple life said...

Skirt looks great, you're so talented!

Jane said...

I hope the exam went well, I had to smile at the PE comment!

alexa said...

That's looking very neat ... Hoping all went well for your daughter and hurrah to no PE!

Sandra said...

It's been a joy seeing your progress on IG. You're such a neat sewer too xx

Linda said...

Good luck with the zip! And good luck to your daughter for her exam! Your ginger skirt looks fab, hope you'll show us the finished item.

Jo said...

I hope she did well in her exam. I can't wait to see the skirt on :)

Julia said...

Alex's art starts tomorrow and she's missing PE too! A very productive weekend x

Maria Ontiveros said...

My kids are both neck deep in exams right now - Henry has mid terms and Clara has college entrance exam. We hate the stress and are keeping our fingers crossed for good results.