Friday 7 November 2014

Friday Finds ~ Seamwork

I’ve talked before about my love of Indie sewing patterns, with their clear diagrams and explicit instructions. Often there are online Sew-A-Longs just after the release of a new pattern and with older ones you can guarantee that there will be a wealth of examples and handy tips from sewing bloggers who’ve already made them.


Colette go the extra mile and the Laurel, with a 40 page (yes, really) instruction book, is more like a sewing lesson than a dressmaking pattern. Every single step is covered and it assumes no prior knowledge. When it says beginner, that’s exactly what it means. There is also an extra 60 page e-book available to download, with nine variations to the basic dress. The booklet includes a sleeveless version, which is what I am making. It has an invisible zip*, which might put some people off, but I have read lots of blogs where the maker was able to get away without putting one in due to the loose shift shape of the dress.The blouse version doesn’t need one.

Onto the Friday Find. Colette are launching an online magazine next month, which will be free for everyone to read. But, if you choose to subscribe you will also get patterns via digital download and other bonus content. The projects will all take less than 3 hours to make. Sounds good to me. You can add yourself to the list for receiving a sneak peek here. I am also subscribed to Snippets, which is a handy hint/sewing tip delivered to your inbox every Tuesday. I’ve learnt all sorts from those.

We have a Saturday free of university tours this week, so I might get some time to work on my Laurel. Here’s hoping. Have a lovely weekend.

*There’s a great tutorial, with a video, on how to install one here.


Sandra said...

I've already signed up ... Can't wait.

Have a great weekend, and I hope you get some crafting time x

Sian said...

Less than three hours to make? sounds good to me..

Jo said...

That's lovely fabric, can't wait to see your dress finished.

alexa said...

What a pretty material - lovely warm colours ... That sounds like a great pattern/book and a super site. Off to google your helpful links!