Friday 14 November 2014

Friday Finds ~ Elementary

Something a little different this week.

I have lots of finds pinned on my secret Pinterest boards, but they can’t be shown here, this side of Christmas, in case the intended recipients see them. Instead I’m going to share a gift idea that you don’t have to make yourself.


Screwdrivers? Yes, that’s right. Something you expected to see here on my blog? Probably not. However, these are very special screwdrivers, designed by a good friend of mine so I hope you’ll indulge me.

When he was unable to find a modern screwdriver that fitted his needs, as a cabinet maker, he decided to make his own based on traditional designs. He is now making them available to everyone. The perfect gift for the handy man or woman in your life.

Find all the details on The Screwdriver from elemen’tary design here.


Alison said...

Classic, and I am sure they are lovely to use.

Sian said...

It looks fab. And beautifully packaged too

Sandra said...

They look so well made, something that will stand the test of time

Jo said...

What a great idea and so much nicer than modern screwdrivers x

alexa said...

These look very stylish and classy - so much more crafts(wo)manlike!