Sunday 13 July 2014

Shop Your Stash

I’m back with my second Sunday Stash post. Thanks to those lovely people that took the time to comment on my first outing and make me feel so welcome.


As I mentioned last time, I’ve taken a pledge not to buy any more dressmaking fabric, until I’ve made three garments. I’ve almost finished my Lonsdale dress and an A line skirt. In the interests of moving things along, I shopped my stash today to find some fabric for a pair of PJ bottoms. This came from Fabricland last year. I had planned to self draft a pattern from a favourite pair, but I picked this Butterick pattern up in a sale last month so I’ll use that as my starting point and work from there.


The fabric above was purchased to make the A line skirt. I bought 1.5 metres, which is what it said on the pattern envelope, but cut it out from less than a metre. I’m not very tall! I’ve already used a fair bit of the leftovers to cut hexies for Grandmother’s Flower Garden blocks and rectangles for the tissue holders in Friday’s tutorial. I can just squeeze out a pair of PJ shorts, using the same pattern, for my daughter.

Fabric shopping is fun and I’ll never grow tired of it, but sometimes you have everything you need on hand already, which is quite satisfying.

Have you ‘shopped your stash’ for a project this week or bought something new?


Jan Briggs said...

Yay! Thank you for speaking about shopping your stash. I agree that fabric shopping can be wonderful, but as you said, many times we have just what we need on hand. :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

I shop my stash for art work all the time. I sometimes think I have a small scrapbook store in my closet.

Kaja said...

I too shop my stash all the time. In fact I find real life fabric stores a bit overwhelming - too many choices (though online I can filter through to what I want much more effectively).

Sandra said...

I've been really trying not to buy anymore dressmaking or quilting fabric, but oh I'm so weak lol