Monday 28 July 2014

Coffee and a Catch Up ~ July 2014

If you were popping in for a coffee, this is how you would find Me on Monday. See what I did there? I couldn’t decide whether to join in with Abi or Sian so you’ve got two for the price of one. I’ve been removing the buttons from worn out school shirts this morning, before sending them for recycling. Do you do that?


It was an old uniform sorting, school work filing, second hand chest of drawers buying, bedroom reorganising, out the front gravelling, shrub trimming, grass cutting, midday heat avoiding, home made 99* eating kind of weekend.


A couple more squares have arrived this month, to add to my growing collection, for the Friendship Quilt. Have a look. Aren’t they all beautiful? Each time a new one turns up, I get them all out and try to visualise how I will put them together. There are a lot of blues and greens in there and that will be my starting point I think. Of course I may throw that idea out of the window, once I have the full set! Time will tell. If you’re joining in, and have all or most of your squares, do you have an idea for your quilt top yet? Maybe you’re thinking of turning them into a cushion cover, or some other smaller project, instead. The best bit? I still have more to come.


I have to tell you about our little adventure a week or so ago. We met up with a National Trust ranger, and a group of other intrepid bug hunters, to go on a glow worm walk. The sun had not quite disappeared at 9.30pm, when we set off, but as darkness descended, on Fontmell Downs, we were rewarded with this amazing sight. With a bit of jiggery pokery, involving a small LED torch and my phone, I managed to capture this one ‘on film’. It was a magical experience and I hope a special memory for the children to look back on one day. Have you ever seen a glow worm**?


Thanks for visiting. Now I really must get back to the pile of clothes that I’m dividing up for passing on to a friend, memory quilt making/repurposing and charity shop donating. Some of them are tough choices! Enjoy the rest of your day.

* An ice cream cone with a flake added to it. Traditionally the soft Mr Whippy kind, but we prefer proper dairy ice cream here. It occurs to me, that in explaining 99’s for those uninitiated, I am quite possibly throwing out more terms, which mean nothing to my friends from overseas. Wikipedia is so very handy at times like this.

** You might know them as lightning bugs or fire flies. All varieties of beetles making use of bioluminescence to attract a mate.


Sian said...

Yes, I do take the buttons off old clothes -I get lots of little white ones from school shirts- and I'm delighted to find someone else who does the same.

It's hard to beat real dairy icecream with a flake included

scrappyjacky said...

There's definately a lovely blue/green theme there.

Lou said...

My mum used to take buttons off of all clothes when i was younger. I've only done it a couple of times with fancy buttons that i've been known to buy a top for x

Beverly said...

The squares are lovely :) As of today I have all of mine, I have a vision in my head but I don't think it will work in the end. I am hoping to make a small quilt. Your glow worm looks very different from our lightening bugs/fireflies, yours looks like he has very thick bum :) We have lots of lightening bugs which makes us happy as it's an indicator of a healthy yard. Thank you for the translation although I am off to figure out what a flake is...all I can picture is a single cornflake sticking in the ice cream like a flag that has been planted lol

Sandra said...

Oh Fi, you've got yourself the makings of a stunning quilt there.

It's crazy I know, but it never occurred to me that someone might not know what a 99 ice cream was, so well done for being so on the ball ... Although, now I'm wanting a flake lol x

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

I have never seen a glow worm and/or lightening bug. I think they tend to live in a more humid climate. The only thing we have that glows here in the desert are scorpions, and they only glow a florescent color when you use a special flashlight.

Your quilt squares look lovely! I plan to put a 3" strip of white between each square, with a small square of color where the corners meet. Hopefully it will all tie together, but I'm excited for however it turns out. Can't wait to assemble mine!!!

Abi said...

I love all the squares you have received Fiona. Did mine arrive by any chance? I posted it quite a while back and would hate for it to have got lost in the post. Let me know and if it has i'll whip up another one!

KraftyKaren said...

Nope never seen a glow worm but you have reminded me of one of my favourite poems -

I wish I was a glow worm,
A glow worm's never glum.
'Cos how can you be grumpy
When the sun shines out your bum!

Looking forward to seeing all your blocks when you have them and seeing what you make with them x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

What a lovely post! Yes, I have also cut buttons off, made home made 99s (and coke floats) but I've never seen a glow worm. That is def going on my bucket list! Well done on capturing it!
Hugs, LLJ xx

fairy thoughts said...

Yes we saw lots of fire flies in the states a few years ago 100s of them it was amazing. Thanks for popping by my desk and I'm glad to hear you aren't a hooker ( did you realise you wrote that). You should mention that to julia and LLJ .... Both are famous hookers

Susanne said...

Oh, I never think to take the buttons off of discarded clothing. We just had a major clear-out of my daughters closet - with a large pile of still wearable to Goodwill and a small pile of discards (mostly tee shirts, so I guess I didn't miss too many buttons.)

Jane said...

I cut the buttons off too and find it hard to resist a 99!!

Julia said...

Lovely to "catch up". I love a good sort out too. One is long overdue in this house! I love that you have explained what a 99 is for our overseas visitors :D