Friday 6 April 2012

Easter Treat Holder Tutorial

I saw these carrots on the Bo Bunny blog and mentioned I was making some for my nieces and nephews. A couple of people asked how to make them. I must admit I had assumed there were instructions, if you followed the link in my previous post, but it would seem there are not.

Rather than doing my usual FTILTF, I’ve put together a tutorial on how I made mine. DST = Double Sided Tape

Take a sheet of orange scrapbook paper and cut a piece measuring 6” x 4”. I have seen various measurements for the ‘sour cream containers’, but this meant I could get six treat holders from one 12” x 12” sheet. Turn it to the wrong side and apply DST down the long side and top and bottom edges, as shown in the photo.


Remove the backing from the tape on the long side and the bottom edge. Carefully roll the paper into a tube.


Seal the bottom of the tube together (the seam running from top to bottom is on the left side underneath) and put your treats inside. Turn the tube (as in the centre of the picture) remove tape backing and seal the top. Snip off the corners on both ends.


Cut a piece of green paper to measure 6” x 2” and fold in half, matching the short edges. Cut the paper to make a fringe, leaving about 1/2” uncut at the folded edge. Curl the paper over your fingers and then fold the long sides over each other.


Staple the carrot top onto the back of your carrot, with the seam in the middle. Punch a scalloped circle from coloured paper and a circle from white card. Glue them together and attach to the front, using a couple of foam pads. This will cover the rough side of the staple.


I used caramel bunnies inside my carrots, but you could use mini eggs or jelly beans. I’ll be personalising them with my niece’s and nephew’s initial letters. All ten of them have a different letter, which is handy.


The carrots on the Bo Bunny blog have had the tops crinkled with a paper crimper, but I don’t have one, so I’ve just left them as they are. If I was making them for very young children I think I would avoid using the staples altogether. Instead I’d put extra strong red backed DST all the way across the top edge and sandwich the carrot top inside when I sealed it.

I hope that all makes sense. Any questions just ask and I’ll do my best to answer. Apologies for the dark photos. It’s a very dull day here and I’m banished to the kitchen, while the lounge walls are being painted blue. Hooray!

Have a lovely Easter weekend.


Jo.C said...

They look lovely and it is a great tutorial.
Happy Easter x

Jo said...

They look really good and your tutorial is great x

Alison said...

Thanks for the tutorial!
Alison xx

Rita said...

Wonderful. Thank-You so much for the great Tutorial. Have a lovely Week-End. Hugs Rita xx

Sian said...

Fiona, this is lovely! I have a girl here who would just love to put a few of these together for the family gathering on Sunday. Great instructions!

Lizzie said...

Wow Fiona, they are so easy to make! I thought they would involve a lot of cutting and stuff... not so!
Thank you very much for making this little tutorial for us - and for leaving me a message about it, on my blog comments.
Happy Easter!

alexa said...

These are super-neat! Thank-you for taking the time to show us how.

alexa said...

These are super-neat! Thank-you for taking the time to show us how.

jill said...

Thanks for sharing the tutorial . Happy Easter to you & yours x

Estelle Grace Tudor said...

Love these! Fab tutorial too, will be putting this one away for next Easter. Have a lovely day x

Ali said...

ahh, now I understand!

Lisa-Jane said...

Superb tutorial! These look so great and not impossible for small people to help with. I shall Pin this.