Saturday 5 November 2011

My Month in Numbers ~ October

I read Sian’s Month in Numbers back in September and thought, ‘Ooh that’s a good idea, I must investigate Julie’s blog.’ Of course the thought left my head not long afterwards and before I knew it, another month had rolled by and I was reading Sian’s October numbers, along with an accompanying scrapbook page!

Without further ado (but mostly because if I don’t share them today, I will forget again) here is my own month in numbers.

31 = the number of times I posted during the month of Blogtoberfest. I read about it on Mel’s blog on the first day of October, so it was all a bit last minute and I had no plan in mind. Somehow I muddled through, in my usual fashion and managed to post something every day.

10 = the number of lovely new followers I gained during the month. Welcome.

18 = the temperature that the thermostat was set at.

2 = the number of times the heating kicked in at that setting, during this wonderfully warm October.

0 = the number of trick or treaters that came to our door, on the last day of the month. I was rather disappointed, but the children were not. Probably because…..

20 = the number of lollies (half of them made into spiders with pipe cleaner legs) and

25 = the number of little packages of assorted sweets, that I had got ready for those non-existent spooky visitors.

I’ll definitely be paying more attention to the numbers that pop up during November.


Beverly said...

Still in awe of you Blogtoberfest people, good job with your numbers :)

Julie Kirk said...

Hi Fiona, I'm so pleased you decided to investigate me and join in with your own numbers!

I've added you to my original post now:

You sound like you were busy enough blogging in October - so I wouldn't worry about not having photos - I'm just happy you played along.

I sometimes start a draft post during the month to store my ideas for the number round-up at the end.

You've reminded me that I used to always check the outdoor thermometer to include in my numbers - I must get back to doing that!

Thanks for joining in, you're welcome to play along this month too.

Julie :-)

p.s: I love your blog-header.

Jo said...

A great months in numbers :)

alexa said...

Lovely read - and so sorry about the lack of trick or treaters. We had none over here either! :)

Alison said...

Quite a few people have mentioned a lack of 'Trick or Treaters' this year..I wonder why?
Alison xx

Sian said...

It's kind of addictive once you start, isn't it? I think I owe Julie a big apology for telling her way back at the beginning that I wasn't much of a counter!!

I like Julie's idea of a draft post for keeping it all together. Might try that.

And our heating has definitely kicked in today - we woke up to a thick covering of frost

Jimjams said...

I love reading other people's months in numbers so well done for joining in. Halloween was quiet here too - good job I didn't go to too much trouble with the treats as they'll be here for a while ... at least until the boys return from Uni!

Ginger said...

I want to try this out too and hope to get an October post going soon :)
We donèt get very many spooky visitors either!