Friday 5 August 2011

Five Things I’m Loving This Friday ~ Holiday Fun Part 2

Because there is always room for more fun during the Summer holidays, here are a few more ideas.

Finger puppets. There is a tutorial here showing how to make the pig and you can use the photos for inspiration to make lots of other animals.

Of course you’ll be wanting a theatre to put on your show. This one is made from a simple cardboard box.

I love this playmat made from a shower curtain. You can personalise it by drawing your own town and then let the children go wild with Sharpies and crayons.

We seem to be going through 4 pints of milk almost daily at the moment, so a craft that uses the empty plastic bottles has to be a good thing.

Both my children love to read and when it’s time for lights out, the bookmark can never be found. We’ll be making a supply of these I think.

Have fun if you try any of these ideas.


Jo said...

I love the butterflies and the bookmarks, will definately give them a go. Thanks for sharing x

Sian said...

These are cracking finds Fi. I know a small boy who would love those finger puppets

Beverly said...

Very cute ideas for small ones :) Those bookmarks are so perfect for a litle boy!

Sandra said...

What fabulous ideas Fi, I bet your two are looking forward to trying these :)

Ali said...

Fi some great ideas for wee ones :)

Lisa-Jane said...

I spy a little bookmark project for tomorrow, thanks for that!