Friday 19 August 2011

Five Things I’m Loving This Friday ~ Crochet

It would seem I’m not quite ready to leave the rainbows behind. I had one left on my list last week, that would have made Six Things I’m Loving This Friday, which doesn’t quite have the same ring to it! I decided to make this week’s theme all things woolly, so it would fit in here instead.

If you’ve never visited Lucy’s lovely blog before, then you are in for a treat. She has made so many gorgeous blankets and a multitude of other colourful projects, including this rainbow striped bag.

Lucy has decorated her bag with some little flowers and there are many tutorials out there, but I’m quite fond of this spiral rose.

Now I know that this is August, but it has been positively autumnal here this week, so I thought a pattern for a light and lacy scarf might be just the thing.

These little monsters are just so cute and look fairly simple to make even for a beginner like me. Those rainbows just keep cropping up!

And finally….just because I love Dr Seuss and this made me laugh!

Have a great weekend xx


Tracy said...

I love all those rainbow colours. I am thinking of starting to crochet again, havent done any for years. But then I also have to finish my knitting that has been standing for ages, lol.

alexa said...

These colours are so wonderfully bright and cheerful! I just love that scarf ... And it feels like time for scarves already over here too.

Lisa said...

Fi, loving this post and those Green Eggs and Ham!! fabulous:-D


ooh also i've missed WOYWW for the last 2 weeks :-( well done to you for doing it this week tho ;-)

Beverly said...

Loving the rainbow striped bag and that spiral flower is beautiful!

Sandra said...

I'm certainly thinking the scarf might come in handy

Katrina said...

Gorgeous projects :)

My Mum & Grandma were prolific at knitting & crocheting when I was younger and they tried to teach me many times, I just couldn't pick it up. Seeing these really make me want to try again.

Thank you for your lovely Friday posts xxx

Sian said...

Another lovely selection of "picks" I especially love those little monsters, though it's certainly cool enough for a scarf round here too..