Friday 29 July 2011

Five Things I’m Loving This Friday ~ Repurposing

We’ve been having a bit of a clothes clear out here this week and found quite a few things that no longer fit, including a pair of jeans that had become far too short…seemingly overnight! I already have a little collection of outgrown jeans with worn out knees, that I plan to turn into a scrappy denim quilt, once I have enough of them.

If you only have one pair maybe you could try Betz White’s storage bins.

There was an old pair of cargo pants which could be turned into a messenger bag.

This cushion is made from an old t-shirt, although it needs quite a large one, I don’t think any of my children’s cast offs will be big enough!

If, like me, you only have smaller t-shirts you could try making these flowers instead.

We also found some old bedlinen that we no longer use and I remembered Twiglet mentioning a very worthwhile project on her blog, that aims to Dress a Girl Around the World. The dresses are made from an old pillowcase, although you could use fabric instead. It takes less than a metre if you use this tutorial, which includes a printable pattern and is fairly straightforward if you have basic sewing skills.

I think these dresses are so cute and I’ve come across lots of different versions all around the blogosphere. My daughter is sadly much too big to be wanting one herself, but now we can make one for another little girl somewhere in the world.

That’s it for this week. I hope you’ll join me again next Friday for some more fun things to do during the school holidays.


Sian said...

What a lovely thoughtful collection of links. I haver been over and looked at the dress one and I just love that idea. I'm noting it down right now! Thank you

Annie said...

Thanks for spreading the word with the dresses....the more the merrier. I've just finished making number 21 :-)
A x

Lisa-Jane said...

These are fab! And the denim stuff is right up my street, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing I love the dresses and once I get my machine sorted I have loads of scraps of fabric that can be but to good use.

I might even be able to do a couple to keep.

Lisa said...

Brilliant idea Fi, thanks for sharing too, my sister sponsors a little girl in the gambia so i'm going to make some for her to send over there


Sarah said...

fabulous links - thank you so much for sharing xx

Allycat x said...

Well found Fi, love them all :)

Sandra said...

Fab links Fi, oohh worth using up older clothes for, or at least worth a trip to the charity shps for :)

akilli melek said...

those jean bin things are so cool! have fun with teh repurposing!

Jimjams said...

Love the first jeans containers - and the messenger bag is inspired! Lots of cool links - TFS