Friday 15 July 2011

Five Things I’m Loving This Friday ~ Ruffles

It’s been a while since I did one of these lists, so I thought I’d start them up again, but with a theme each week, instead of being a random collection of thoughts.

The first issue of Mollie Makes had a New trends article showcasing all things ruffled and I had a browse around the web to find a few of my own. With the help of Pinterest I can save anything I like and it’s there when I want to come back to it. No more trying to dredge up where in the world I saw something!

First up is this beautiful ruffled top made from a t-shirt


Next there is a lovely romantic cushion cover


Next up is a revamped lamp and shade


Next is a tutorial for jazzing up a plain boring camera strap


Lastly my favourite, a gorgeous ruffled bag to make


I hope you’ve found something that inspires you among my little collection. If you make any of the projects I’d love to see them. Happy Friday everyone.


Katrina said...

Ooooh gorgeous ruffles Fi, absolutely love them all especially the lampshade :)

jill said...

The ruffles for the T-shirt is fab & a great idea.

akilli melek said...

wow that blouse looks gorgeous, way too advanced for me though. I struggle to use wondaweb to turn up trousers, lol.

Minxy said...

Ruffle-tastic, just loving the lamp shade.
Thanks for the comment on my blog, It would be lovely to meet you if you do make it to the september fair :0)

Sandra said...

Had to see what you meant on UKS by ruffles .... now it all becomes clear LOL. oohhh aren't these just gorgeous - I want that t-shirt.

Sian said...

Your ruffle-y selection is gorgeous! I'm having a catch up after being away and this post was a welcome feast for the eyes