Thursday 19 May 2011

Introducing Mollie Makes

I happened across this new magazine quite by accident, while roaming around in the blogosphere, one day last month. I’ve been eagerly awaiting its launch ever since. I finally got my hands on a copy earlier in the week and I’m loving it so far.



I spotted in on the shelf in WH Smith and I must admit I was slightly put off by the front cover. I would love to learn to crochet, but jackets for apples? Really?

I was won over by the cute felt kit, which my daughter has already laid claim to for her ipod touch.



The kit was very simple to cut out and I’ll make this one up for her, once I’ve bought some matching thread and then use the pattern to make a few more as gifts.

There is lots of lovely inspiration among the magazines 100 pages and what sold it for me was being able to have a little flick through them. I hate it when mags are sealed inside plastic bags and you can’t have a look, before deciding whether or not to buy. If you fancy a peek then have a look at these sample pages.

Looking forward to next month’s issue. Keep up the good work Miss Mollie.


Beverly said...

Oh, that felt phone cover is very cute, don't blame your dd at all :)

Katrina said...

Aww such a cute little ipod cover :)
Lol at the apple jackets, they do look sweet though :)

alexa said...

Looks a really interesting magazine - that ipod cover is very cute. :)

Ginger said...

I will have to check this magazine out! Fiona you left a comment on my blog about your interest in the mail art exchange - I will keep your name in mind for the next one :)
Take care!

Miriam said...

Oh the apple jackets are wonderful, now, I wonder how they would go down with my son, he sometimes takes an apple to work...

Winnie said...

Looks interesting, I wonder if it will be available in Aus. I must admit I'm a little put off by the apple jackets too. LOL

Sandra said...

I got my copy a couple of weeks ago, oh and how I love it ... I think I'll have to sub to it :)

I've so missed out "coffee" mornings - hope to catch up tomorrow with you. xx

Allycat x said...

Like your additions... I only managed to get a copy of the mag this morning - looking forward to reading through it later!