Friday 22 April 2011

Five Things I’m Loving This Friday

This week I’m loving that…

….there is a soup called Ciao Bella from New Covent Garden to welcome in the Spring.

….there is a character called Cotton-headed ninnymuggins on Little Big Planet, created by my children.

….there is a blog called Domestic Sluttery, which has a great mix of food, design, Etsy picks and handbags.

….there is a colour called cerulean blue and the sky has been that shade almost all week.

…there was a girl called Marina and I was lucky enough to have her in my life.

Fiona x


Sian said...

Nicely done, Fiona. Nicely done x

Em said...

oh i thought i was the only person who used the phrase contton headed ninnymuggins! elf is the best!

Winnie said...

Great list - love the Domestic Sluttery blog!

alexa said...

Now there's a great list! Thank-you! Ninnymuggins have not been part of my linguistic world :).