Friday 6 February 2015

My Six Pattern Skirt Plan

Back in January I talked about my dressmaking intentions for this year. It’s easy to get distracted by all the pretty things being made by sewing bloggers and there are so many lovely new patterns being released, we’re spoilt for choice. What I need in my wardrobe are some basic skirts and I also need to build up my skills. With that in mind, I looked around and found some patterns that would fulfil both criteria.

1. McCalls 3341 ~ Simple A line skirt with centred zip

2. Colette Ginger ~ A line skirt with waistband & invisible zip


3. Maria Denmark ~ A line skirt with yoke & pockets

4. Simplicity 2451 ~ Tulip skirt with front yoke, pleats & pockets

5. Grainline Moss ~ Skirt with back yoke, pockets, fly front & button hole

6. Vogue 1247 ~ A line skirt with inseam pockets & Hong Kong finish

I’ve got the fabric cut out for skirts one and three and I’ve assembled the pdf pattern for the Ginger skirt. The opportunity to get the sewing machine out has not yet arisen, but I’m hopeful that it will next week.

While we’re on the subject of dressmaking, did you watch the Sewing Bee yesterday? I think the series got off to a great start. The trousers were not really my style, but the upcycling challenge produced some really inventive projects. It was the dresses I was really interested in. I loved the fabric that Deborah used for hers and that was definitely my favourite dress. I actually have the pattern that Amanda used. You see, easily distracted by all the pretty things. If you want to find out more about the series, my friend Fiona has put loads of information about last night’s show on her website, The Sewing Directory. Well worth checking out.

Have a lovely weekend.


Lou said...

I used to love sewing .... i just don't find the time these days ...and prefer cutting and sticking lol. Great patterns - i hope you get on well with them!

Miriam said...

I have spent ages today looking for a plain navy skirt. I do wish I had started blog reading (here) first. I have made a note of the simplicity pattern...Thanks. Watching the Sewing Bee tonight.

Linda said...

Love your choice of patterns Fiona! I didn't wear skirts until I statted sewing as I could not buy ready mades to fit. Loved the sewing bee last night!

jill said...

I like pattern No3 Fiona. I hope you show us the finished items. Happy sewing

KraftyKaren said...

The sewing bee will be my viewing for tonight's crafting in front of the TV! Lovely skirt patterns - hope you find time next week to get started x

Sian said...

Is there anything nicer than an a line skirt? Maybe one with a comfy yoked waistband?

Right, I want to see some finished skirts!! :)

Yes, I watched. There are some interesting characters this time round

Sandra said...

I couldn't agree more, you get caught up with pretty patterns or gorgeous blogs, but in the end we need to look at what we really need.

Oh and yes,mum already hooked again on the sewing Bee and think I have a favourite xx

Alison said...

All those patterns frighten the life out of me...looking forward to seeing how you get on! Xx

TaraE said...

Loving the intentions for skirt always look lovely in the ones I've seen you wear at MB. Think your choice of patterns are fab & I can't wait to see the finished projects!! I watched the GB Sewing Bee for the 1st time with my MIL & loved it, have a favourite too!! Txx

Jo said...

I wanted to do dressmaking as an option at school but my mum wouldn't let me, I know it is a skill I would use now though unlike chemistry! Can't wait to see the clothes you make x