Monday 8 December 2014

Me on Monday

These Mondays are coming around a little bit too fast for my liking this month!

It was a start as we mean to go on (with a treat of hot chocolates and a muffin for me and my girl), stroganoff cooking, Christmas shopping with her friend, Skyping/gaming with his friends, mini cracker making, first Christmas cards arriving, Never Let Me Go watching (naughty mummy substituting the film for the book. Do as I say, not as I do!) for GCSE helping, personal statement fine tuning (summing yourself up in 4000 characters, including spaces, is not easy), croissant warming, beef roasting, Christmas Club story reading/memory sharing (3 left to comment on, I’ll get there), tea in front of the telly (a rarity around here) kind of weekend.


Monday found me making the most of the sunshine to pre wash some fabrics….


….and watching an episode of Glee….


….while I ironed them. I have Homeland to catch up with still and Intruders (anyone else watching that?) but I was in the mood for something a little lighter, after the heavy subject matter of Never Let Me Go. There is a scene in the film (don’t worry, no spoilers from me) when one of the characters stands in the road and lets out his frustration. It’s a heart wrenching moment. All the more so for me as it could have been my boy standing there, having a meltdown. December is always a difficult month, but throw in a trip to London at the start and mocks looming after Christmas and we have a tough few weeks ahead of (and one thankfully now behind) us.

Waving to Sian again this evening, with grateful thanks. Without her clever ideas I wouldn’t have posted anything yet this month.

PS There seem to be some problems with Word Verification on Blogger at the moment. As far as I can tell it’s turned off, as always here, but if it’s coming up for you please let me know. Thank you.


Sian said...

Ooh, personal statements. Yuck! Best of luck with it.

We had a strogonoff too this weekend and we watched Homeland..but it's too stressful for a Sunday night, really!

I can see the WV waiting for me. Sorry..

Sandra said...

Sounds like a good weekend was had ... Especially that muffin and hot chocolate

And yes, I can see I need to do a word verification

Jo said...

It sounds like you had a lovely weekend x

Susanne said...

Sounds like you are busy around there. Since I am so late in getting around, hope your week has been good.

Susanne said...

PS Since I was signed into google and saw the word verification but ignored it and it let me post without entering it. Woohoo.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was a very full weekend.

doris sander said...

lovely fabrics!