Saturday 3 May 2014

My Month in Numbers ~ April 2014

If March was the month of here, there and everywhere, with many miles travelled during those 31 days, then April has been the month of staying close to home.


I walked this path, by the river, 17 times. It leads to the library and Waitrose, but you can also loop around and end up in town near the Post Office, which I have visited on 12 occasions this month….


...posting out parcels to customers, which each included a tag, from the 12 I made...


…and log cabin blocks for the Friendship Quilt. One late and one with perfect timing. Can you guess who this was for?


I made 10 of these cards, 2 each of 5 colours, with different sentiments, to add to some of the Happy Mail I sent…


…and 7 of these little chaps for my nieces and nephews this Easter.*


I cut 54 kits. 6 each for 9 ladies, across the 2 classes in April. Including these two.


Mostly, I enjoyed 18 days of my children at home, which meant *not* having to make packed lunches on those 12 weekdays. We could have hot lunches, like quesadillas. Have our cooked meal in the middle of the day: homemade chicken fillet burgers, chips and onion rings. Enjoy beetroot sandwiches, without the bread going soggy and “Two ingredient” cookies** warm from the oven.

Well, it wouldn’t be a proper MiN post from me, without a few gratuitous foodie pictures thrown in, would it?

* Instructions for the bunny lollipop holders can be found here.

** Recipe (if you can call it that!) for the cookies came from this blog.

If you want to know what everyone else has been counting this month, head on over to Julie’s place and you can read all about it there.


Julie Kirk said...

That looks like a nice scenic route to the shop - it's good to get out and about even if it's jsut a short walk isn't it? Now I tend to work at home more than anywhere else some weeks the only exercise I get is a walk to the Post Office with shop orders. It's like my customers are not only responsible for the health of my bank balance but also my body!

I'd love it if someone made me a home-cooked lunch ... when you make your own you miss out on the surprise! I know what you mean about fresh sandwiches too esp. beetroot. [I like a nice corned beef, onion + beetroot one].

Your post is safely pinned to the board with everyone else now:

May May bring you many good things Fiona!

Julie :-)

debs14 said...

Hmmm teal colours, turtles and strawberries - let me guess!
Love the English countryside this time of year, doesn't it make for pretty walks?

Jo said...

A lot of making this month! That looks like a lovely walk x

Anonymous said...

What pretty scenery for a walk. Love those tags!

Sian said...

Gorgeous looking walk! jealous? me?! I think I'd be changing my library books every chance I got :)

You've been making and creating all month long by the looks of things. Great stuff

Lou said...

lots of lovely crafting this month x

KraftyKaren said...

A very creative month both with card and food, what a beautiful walk you have x

alexa said...

That's a very pretty walk - how lovely! And you have created SO much! I am impressed by your creativity :).

Beverly said...

With that walk I might be more inspired to get out for my exercise. You have been very busy! Deb's block is totally perfect :) I have trying a beet sandwich on my list of things to try, thanks to you.

Sandra said...

oh my oh my ... that block looks GORGEOUS. Loving the colours

My not so simple life said...

love reading about your month, those bunnies are adorable!

Maria Ontiveros said...

What great creations. I'm so impressed how everyone has managed to personalize the quilt squares. And what lovely photography too!

Lisa-Jane said...

Those cards are so brilliant! I would really love to make those cookies but I am trying so hard to be good that I must not even look at the recipe - it would be very very dangerous for me!

Julia said...

That is such a pretty walk to the post office. Two ingredient cookies? I need to know more!!

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

This is a great round up of numbers, Fiona, but my favorite is that one little quilt square... :o)

Hazel A.. said...

Like Deb, I love your little log cabin quilt square; something about those colors and adorable patterns. And your April walk route is lovely; I'll bet it changes up for May, huh?! Isn't this meme of Julie's so much fun?!