Tuesday 4 February 2014

My Month in Numbers ~ January 2014

So, that was January. Thirty-one days gone in a flash.


I ate twenty-two bowls of soup, including several of this Spicy Sweet Potato with coconut milk. It was just one of the new recipes I tried out this month….


….along with these four and one old favourite thrown in for good measure.

I joined Instagram and posted forty-six photos taken with my new phone….


….I also discovered the #greatukfabricdetash and as a result, received these five parcels through the post, all in one day…..


….containing all this fabulous fabric. Including seven metres of the most beautiful gauzy pale yellow cotton with a lovely watercolour style print, for just twenty pounds. I see a fifties summer dress in my sewing future. First things first though….


….I began making a copy of my favourite White Stuff skirt and was astonished to discover that I needed to cut the size sixteen pattern pieces. There is a vast difference between ready to wear (in which I’m a size ten) or “vanity sizing” as it is known and the sizes on dressmaking patterns. Who knew?


I lost count of how many games of Carcasonne I played with my boy. Here I managed to claim victory by just one point! It has been a saviour this month. He sat five mock exams during three days last week and things have been a little stressful around here as a result.

Now onto a new month, with the possibility of lots more counting along with Julie.


Julie Kirk said...

Hi Fiona + Happy New Year! Nice to have you joining in once again.

I love the fabrics - what a wonderfully colourful parcel opening ceremony you must have had!

Dressmaking / quilting has been a big connection across Month in Numbers blog posts during January. 2014 must be the year of fabric!

Those recipes look very nice - my kind of one pot cooking by the looks of things.

You're on the board now: http://pinterest.com/notesonpaper/my-month-in-numbers/

Happy February to you and yours!

Julie :-)

Jules said...

Hi Fiona -- it is nice to meet you. Yeah another fabric lover! Those are my favorite kind of packages. :)

My not so simple life said...

wow you certainly made the most of the month :)

Sian said...

Mocks - boo!

I'm a bit stunned by those paper pattern numbers..definitely something for me to bear in mind when I finally dust off the paper patterns here.

Jimjams said...

EEEK! I'm amazed at the difference between ready to wear and pattern sizes ... was it American sixing (or does that make it worse not better?)

Quite a full month - especially with the mocks.

debs14 said...

That info on clothing sizes is a bit worrying!
I love the sound of that soup, will have to give that a try I think!

Lou said...

no 1 son brought home his mock timetable today!! where have the years gone x great numbers x

Julia said...

Great to read your numbers. But sixteen? Never! We are big carcasonne fans in this house too :)

Abi said...

We are big carcasonne fans here! We have lots and lots of boardgames and I love playing them when I go home. I am really enjoying your IG's at the moment too.

Melissa said...

wow that is a big difference in the sizing, but I'd believe it. I now take a smaller size than when I was 20 and there is no way that I am smaller.

Lucky you getting 5 packages at once.

Lisa-Jane said...

That's a LOT of soup! Very good for you though. I like the look of that game - might be something we can look at for the boy's next birthday. Pretty fabrics too. #46

Virginia said...

Oh that's a fab post, I'm loving all the fabric but don't understand how you managed to get it at such a good price is it a website? Loving the soup photos fabulous stuff!

KraftyKaren said...

What a pain that the sizing is so different but I find that with RTW clothes - I can be anything from a 12 to an 18 depending on the cut and the fabric used and how that shop sizes stuff (Next stuff is tiny and Debenhams is big. So I would have no idea what size to cut for a pattern.

Looks like you have had a very good month xx

Miriam said...

Ooooh! fabric!! I adore it. Great numbers Fiona.

Jo said...

All in all it sounds like you had a great month x

Alison said...

Lots of lovely fabric there...and I too am astonished by the sizing discovery!
Alison xx

Alison said...

Lots of lovely fabric there...and I too am astonished by the sizing discovery!
Alison xx