Friday 21 June 2013

Friday Finds ~ Summertime Scavenger Hunt 2013

Now it’s not often that I plan posts ahead. I’m more of a blog on the fly sort of girl. However, I did have something in mind for this particular Friday, when I realised it fell on the longest day. Coinciding, or so I thought, with the start of Rinda’s Summer Scavenger Hunt. An event eagerly awaited by bloggers around the world.

This year it kicked off a little earlier than usual, but don’t worry, we still have a whole 3 months to find the 21 items on Rinda’s list. There’s an interesting mix as always. I haven’t started yet myself, but I was going through the list in my head while washing up and I’ve pulled a few photos from the archives that would have fitted the prompts.


6. Someone taking a nap ~ On the plane home from the Czech Republic 08/10


8. A tower ~ On holiday in Derbyshire last Summer 08/12


12. A cloud in the shape of something ~ The perfect sky for cloud spotting 08/12


13. A fence ~ All decked out for the Diamond Jubilee beacon lighting 07/12


15. A police car ~ Waiting for the Olympic torch to arrive 07/12


17. Candles ~ 14 of them here, it will be 16 this year! 07/11

My intention is to post my photos on Fridays throughout the summer, like I did last year. We plan to start next week, my boy and me. It will be great to have something to do together, while we get used to each others company over the next few weeks. Thank you for all the good wishes on Monday’s post. It’s going well so far.

Pop back tomorrow for a windmill (no.16) pinwheel card. Have a lovely weekend.

ETA Just to clarify: I’m not actually entering these shots into the hunt. They were images that sprang to mind, when I was thinking about this year’s list. The idea is to go out looking this summer, not to use old photos. Apologies for the confusion.


Sian said...

They have already been asking me here if I have copied the list into my holiday notebook!

Lisa-Jane said...

Love that pic of your curly girl.

fairy thoughts said...

this sounds like an interesting idea..... I'm off to check it out
lovely photos

Julia said...

They would have been great finds indeed! I am hoping to do it with DD this year. The list is already on my iPhone ready to go. I like the idea of a regular day to post, might copy that if I may :)

Lisa said...

Great pics and well done on getting a good start too ;)


scrappyjacky said...

After seeing your comment on Deb's blog....I had to take a look at your metal fence....and I wouldn't call that a fence either....I'd call it railings!!!!

Sandra said...

You've done really well

Beverly said...

Great oldies, can't wait to see your Friday shares this summer. I am going to share at the end of each month. I have convinced the Chosen One to do his own list and am trying to convince SweetGirl as well.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Welcome back to the hunt! I'm looking forward to what you come up with this year.

Jo said...

Great photos, I'm hoping to join in with the hunt this year x