Friday 12 April 2013

Friday Finds ~ Not That I’m Biased

Continuing my April theme of handy hints for sewing: bias binding/tape.

If you’ve been following The Great British Sewing Bee, you will have noticed that bias binding has been used quite a bit, by one contestant in particular. Until I saw Lauren add the tape to the inside of her skirt, I had never thought of using it to finish off seams like that. I thought it was a lovely touch and one I will be trying out.

Pre-packaged binding, usually in plain colours, can be bought easily enough, but the possibilities are endless if you make your own. Either using a special gadget or by folding it yourself. Whichever you choose, mind those fingers! There is a very detailed tutorial at Dana Made It, from cutting to ironing, with plenty of photos.

If you fancy giving it a go, but can’t wait don’t want to splash out on a gadget, then try this Nifty Tip from Miss P…. There are lots of other tips and tricks on Portia’s blog, including a cute Peter Pan collar refashion using, well bias tape of course. There is a more detailed explanation, of the method pictured, at Creative Little Daisy.

Happy sewing!


Sian said...

I love bias ranks alongside ric rac for pretty, desirable nostalgia I think!

Annie said...

I'm lucky enough to have the tool and we make lots of bindings using it. It's brilliant.
Annie x

Sandra said...

Great links, thank you.

Amy said...

I always have such an interesting learning experience when I drop by over here!

Lisa-Jane said...

Looks fiddly!

Jo said...

I'm another one who loves bias binding, I'm sure I have the tool...somewhere! :) x

Alison said...

I love reading about sewing, but wish I was better schooled or versed in the basics - most of the stuff goes over my head! I think - maybe one day I'll understand - still it's very interesting Fi! x