Friday 26 April 2013

Friday Finds ~ Making the Cut

Somehow I managed to forget it was Friday today. Here’s the last of my handy sewing tips for April. When I’ve made clothes in the past I have always used tissue patterns and cut out the size needed. Now that I’m learning more about fitting properly, it makes more sense to trace, so that I can switch between sizes.

There are some good tips at Living With Punks to do just this. It makes perfect sense if you are making clothes for children, as they are bound to grow and you may want to make a pattern more than once for them, or for different sized children. Don’t be scared of the rotary cutter, it’s easier than you might think, with practise.

It’s been a day of sunshine and showers here, with a liberal sprinkling of hail thrown in. In the dry spells I managed to get all my pre-washed fabric out on the line. A bit more ironing and then I’ll be all set to get cutting. Have a lovely weekend.


Sandra said...

Thanks for the tips Fi, I'm itching to start a project

alexa said...

Is that your fabric folded up on the table? It looks lovely ... I take heart from your encouragement not to give up on the rotary cutter - I am a little afraid of mine! Looking forward to seeing how your projects progress.

Jo said...

Great tips as usual :)