Friday 30 September 2011

Five Things I’m Loving This Friday ~ Gifts Part 3

Pre teens this week and I promised it wouldn’t all be sewing, so this lovely friendship bracelet kit doesn’t involve any!

Back to sewing, but this set of beanbags is really very simple. You could make these in any colours and there is even a link to some printable cards with different game ideas.

My daughter and her friends had great fun building a den at her sleepover a couple of years ago. A Fort Kit would have been ideal for them. 

I also found this girly version with a much easier way of making the ties, which didn’t involve a million yards of bias binding. That’s got to be a bonus.

I would have loved a sewing box like this when I was a little girl, although I’m not sure about sticking pins into a pretty little face pin cushion!

No sewing needed for this cute monster tote, the design is glued on to a ready made bag. It reminds me of Where the Wild Things Are, a much loved favourite.

I’ll be back with Part 4 next Friday, which will be gifts for teens and I’m hoping to find some good ideas for boys.


Suzy said...

These are fab Fi, love the seeing box

Unknown said...

Great ideas! Love that friendship bracelet kit!

Sandra said...

More great ideas Fi, I think that sewing box is really cute

Sian said...

These are fab! I think I'd like a fort kit please. And you have reminded me about the sewing box my mum made for me. There could be a post in that :)

Thanks again this week for a fun browse

humel said...

Oh, these are lovely! Thanks for sharing (though I must say I agree about the face pincushion...!)

Lisa-Jane said...

More brilliant ideas! Mine are a bit young for most of these but I love the idea of the monster tote for some adults I know! Thank you for putting this series together.