Thursday 23 June 2011

Upside down or right way up?

Once upon a time, when I started stamping, I had a black inkpad (don’t remember the brand) and a small collection of the 1 inch Versacolor cubes and they all lived happily together in a shoe box under my bed.

Over the years I discovered that there were many other different types of inkpads and my collection grew. They moved to a shelf in the dining room, but were not happy there. I found you could buy a swanky metal case to house the Distress Inks, but that didn’t help with all the others. Then one day, in Ikea, I spotted something which I thought would work very nicely.

If you ever stop by on a Wednesday, you get to see the surface of my desk, but not what lies beneath.


The unit has six drawers and four of them hold all my stamping stuff, except the actual stamps.


My favourite black inkpad is without doubt Versafine and I have all the colours in the small cubes now too . My original Versacolor cubes still going strong, Versamark, embossing pen and heat gun. In the other icecream tub I have a selection of alcohol inks and Stickles. Acrylic blocks are thrown in here too.


Distress inks, Stazon, Encore Gold and Palette metallics, which have my favourite type of case. The lid fits on nice and tight and you can snap it onto the bottom of the pad, while in use, to create a handle. A few re-inkers at the back there.


Brilliance and Versamagic Dew Drops and a few Cat’s eye chalk inks. A collection of Adirondack dye inks, which I bought second hand and have the worst cases. I think the design has been changed now, but these I find a pain with their flappy lids. Having said that none of them have dried out yet, even though they don’t fit firmly. Some Cut ‘N’ Dry foam in there, as I don’t get on with the Tim Holtz foam pad thingy.


Finally we have wet wipes, embossing powders and one of those tidy trays, which seemed like a good idea, but in reality gets passed over for a sheet of A4 paper!

So there you have it. All my inkpads in one place and within reach when I am sat at my desk. Not a single one stored upside down, for no other reason than I like to see the colours on the lids.

Want to know what’s in the other two drawers? Well that will have to wait until next week. I think this post is photo heavy enough already!


Sandra said...

Oohhh thank you for the little tour, You've got a great collection.

Sian said...

That is a fine collection you have there! Have you tried the Jenni Bowlin ones? They are my new discovery for stamping well with acrylic stamps (and believe me, I need all the help I can get)

okienurse said...

tried to find an email to mail this missive to but didn't see one! I love all the ink pads. You asked how many I have since you can see what is stacked on my desk. I really didn't know so I took a pencil and counted. Most of what you see in/on the basket are Stampin'Up! there are 96 of those, all different colors, then 5 of the multicolor SU, 36 Tim Holtz distress inks, 10 Brilliance, 8 Stazon, 2 Versamark. I have over 120 plus of the little squares, most are SU, 28 Chalk inks, then I couldn't find the box with the metalics. I think I loaned it to a friend last month...she will bring it back! I don't care much for Copics pens but I have Set A & B cause someone told me I had to own them, I use them rarely, I own a set of SU markers and take them when I travel cause you can color stamps so you don't have to take pads. I own oodles of pencils and crayons. I own alcohol inks, reinkers for some of the pads, Colorwash, stains, Perfect Pearls, Maya Road Sprays, Glimmer Mist, Twinkling H20 and more. I think I have color! I bought most of it over the last 5 years and like you I still use the first pad I bought and it is still juicy. So you see I am a stamp pad hoarder. I love stamping whether it is cutesy, artsy, grunge, or steampunk. Looking back of the post I am almost pink faces. I have a lot of stuff!!! Thanks for visiting me. Vickie

Lizzie said...

Ooh, I have one of those little metal drawer units too - it's so handy. I keep all sorts in there - Drawer 1 has paper samples, receipts and catalogues; #2 has sticky stuff - tape, foam pads, masking tape etc.; drawer 3 holds markers/ fibre-tipped pens; #4 has small punches (the big ones are in my shelf unit); #5 has watercolours, sparkling watercolours, artists conte pastels etc...; #6 holds a collection of beads and sequins (that I hardly ever use, but now and then, I need them). They are one of my favourite craft storage purchases ever!
You certainly have a few ink pads there! I keep my collection of little "cat's eye" ink pads in a cookie jar (from Ikea!), with a few other kinds stacked next to it. I also have a collection of those "petal point" sets (colorbox), all stacked in my cupboard. I seem to have "enough" ink pads for now - thought I had quite a few, til I saw what some other folk have!
It was fun to see your stash of inks - thanks for sharing!

Elin said...

Oh my Fi!! I thought I was bad but you definatly win! lol

Spyder said...

Love your draws they look so useful!And you have an aamzing collection of inks!

Nan said...

Your ink pads are very tidy just like your desk! I had to laugh about the embossing tray. I almost always use a piece of paper too.

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

What an organised little vegemite you are! so many ink pads - thanks so much for sharing all your treasures! Shaz in Oz.x

alexa said...

I love being allowed a little peak at others' organisational skills - this is so beautifully ready for action!

JO SOWERBY said...

ok so now i have ink pad that a new disease do u think? i wish i could come and play stamping in ur room.
jo xxx

ps i'll bring cupcakes ;).

humel said...

Yes, I want to see the other two drawers!! But this was a great glimpse at the first 4 - I think I need to pop to Ikea.... (Having said that, my stamps and inkpads are currently stored in some of the wooden drawer units Ikea used to do (gutted they stopped!) apart from the ones that fit in CD cases and are stored in CD boxes from - you guessed it! Ikea!)

Lisa said...

Great drawers aren't they!! and loving looking at all your goodies too!! I was thinking of getting another set of drawers for stamps and punches... what do you think?

L xx