Sunday 27 March 2011

Did you remember?

I did! I love it when the clocks go forward, as it seems that Spring is really on the way along with the lighter evenings. How about a cute printable banner to celebrate, or maybe a beautiful blossom wreath.


Lorraine said...

What lovely gifts an what a refreshing idea. If I get time today I am going to have a go at the banner. Thanks for stopping by and all the best with BFS.

Kirst said...

Grrr. We are heading the other way.
The days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting cooler.
Autumn has definitely hit.

Enjoy your spring!!
Kirst - Sydney, Aust.

Sian said...

Um, no? I remembered about it after we got up and before anyone left the house, so no damage was done!

Sandra said...

oh my, I soooo want that wreath :) I'm happy to say, yes I did remember, although mum & dad didn't LOL. So I did have to go and change their clocks too :)

humel said...

I remembered - but oh, did I find it painful!! Much prefer the clocks going back in the autumn so I can lie in bed a bit longer.... ;-) (I do like having more light though, so I guess it's worth it!)

Miriam said...

Yes I remembered and I love this time of year. I haven't missed my hour this time. I am still amused by the dog who is still on 'old time' x ps love that wreath/