Friday 22 July 2011

Five Things I’m Loving This Friday ~ Holiday Fun

My children finished school at 2pm today and are looking forward to a well earned rest. Of course they will also be expecting me to provide plenty of fun activities to fill the weeks ahead. Here are a few ideas I have come across, while browsing around the fabulous internet. What would we do without it?!

My two are sadly a little old for this one now, but I used to love making playdough when they were younger. I love the colours made with natural dyes, but you could just use food colouring like I did.

Not a new idea, I’ve made these bracelets with my daughter before, but a good portable craft that doesn’t take up much room in your bag/case.

We’ve made papier mache many times over the years, but nothing like the amazing creations on this website. The bluebirds would be a great starter project, but just look at this fabulous dragon and how cute is this lop-eared bunny?

For this next one, I’m really hoping I can source suitable ingredients in the UK, because it looks like fun for older children to try. I loved Silly Putty when I was younger, finding it intriguing that it could stretch, snap or bounce and take prints from the newspaper. Love the name of this website too!

We’ve been having rather more rain around here lately than I’d like, but on the off chance that the sun might come out, I’m going to make some of these re-usable water bombs.

I hope you found something that you’d like to have a go at during the summer holidays. Have fun and I hope the sun shines for you.


Sian said...

Mmm..I might have a birthday coming up soon, but surely I'm not too old for some reuseable water bombs?!

jill said...

Play dough & water bombs what a great idea to keep the children entertained in the holidays, if we every get anymore hot sunny days.

alexa said...

Oh my, I'm wishing I had some littlies to play with! I remember making playdoh with flour and salt and cream of tartar, if I remember correctly. Love the waterbombs.:)

Sandra said...

I'm guessing the water bombs will be the ones that are the most popular lol ... And I do like the look of them I must say. But ology those birds are so cute. Great post Fi :)

Jo said...

They all look so great, I'm sad that Maddie is too old to make things with me now :(
There's an award for you on my blog :)