Wednesday, 23 May 2018

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday #468

It's the 9th anniversary of WOYWW this week. Can you believe it? 9 years of sharing our work spaces and little glimpses of our lives.

If you were here last week you would have seen the card samples from my most recent class. I always have extra 'Blue Peter' bits to make demonstrating flow more smoothly. Sometimes I make them up into more cards for my own use, when I get home, and sometimes they just get flung in a box.

This time I did something different.....

My first 12x12" scrapbook page in a very long time. I followed a sketch by the talented Laura Rumble and scrapped a picture of my girl on her 11th birthday. She turned 19 at the weekend!

I used up the leftovers.....

.....and added a couple of extra bits, like this stamped vellum circle.....

.....and this tab, to bring the pink across to the other side of the page.

I even managed to find a use for the tiny cut out heart. Did you spot it?

I'm linking up with the rest of the Deskers this morning, with grateful thanks to Julia who brought us all together.


  1. What a great use of left over bits Fiona. Love the scrapbook page. Happy anniversary. Sarah #14

  2. Happy 9th Anniversary to you. I'm hoping to pop round to visit everyone this week....depending what work comes through my door of course.
    Love the LO.
    Here's hoping we can all enjoy many more happy years of fun and friendship.
    Annie x #1

  3. Morning Fiona. Happy 9th anniversary. Yup - spotted the little heart on a great page!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #9

  4. Hi Fiona I think I am sending my pic to you. Having major it challenges today as I am away from home and trying to cope with mobile and iPad - not my strong point! I don't have your address but we'll sort that out I'm sure. My stamping ground link isn't working properly but rest assured I am here and playing!! cindy #23

  5. That should say PIF act. Heaven help me!

  6. A fabulous use of the left-overs. I haven't done but one or two 12X12 layouts in years. Once I took up Project Life, that went by the wayside. But in many ways, the 12X12 layouts are a much more creative, and often, I think, more thoughtful projects than pocket scrapbooking.

  7. Hi Fiona, those 'leftovers' turned out beautifully. Gorgeous page.Hope you are well. Happy 9th Birthday, Have a lovely week, Love & Hugs, Shaz #6 XxX

  8. Happy 9th WOYWW!! I'm so glad our paths crossed via the desky madness, I've really appreciated our friendship over the past few years and hope it continues for many more to come. That LO is gorgeous and the Scrooge side of me loves the fact that you used all the leftovers to make something equally gorgeous! I can't believe your girl is 19 - but then again, Rhys finished uni last Mon and I don't know where that's gone either!!
    Hugs, LLJ 2 xxxx

  9. Beautiful! Such a lovely layout and all the better for using up your scraps. My scrap bag is usually the last place I go, although really it should be the first!
    Hope you have a great week,
    Diana x #16

  10. That is a lovely scrapbook page and yes I love the tab with the heart-shaped punch. Just so impress when people show how they use scrap!
    Monica #35

  11. Loving the use of the "bits" and doesn't time fly... Happy 19th to your daughter and 9th to us all! Helen #4

  12. I don't scrap and I don't make cards, but I absolutely adore what you made. That page turned out fantastic. LOVE everything about it, including the recycled bits. It's a genuine beauty.

    Hope you are enjoying the WOYWW party. Happy 9th anniversary from #13, who is always inspired by you.

  13. Aw, Fiona, this is a lovely page, and a really clever way to use Laura’s sketch. I do ‘Blue Peter bits’ (great description!) and flinging in a box but somehow dont think to visit it that often, I must put it somewhere accessible and rummage through it from time to time. Great idea!
    I cant quite get my head around the fact that we’re in the second decade (by far) of the 2000s and so, when you show a LO from 9 years ago, it’s a huge jolt, it seems not that long ago to me! Still, measuring the passage of time by our children is probably the only reasssuring thing about the passage of time!

  14. Happy anniversary Fiona. I love the layout on your post. So sweet and those photos too! Have a wonderful week.

    Dorlene #40

  15. Happy Anniversary! I'm trying really hard to get to everyone, but work time just isn't cooperating! I love your page; scrapbooking is one thing I just haven't started! Have a wonderful week.
    -K #32

  16. Happy Woyww #9 great page you've done looks like you have a few years to go to catch up hugs Nikki 10

  17. Great journal page and what a sweet image. Happy woyww anniversary my friend. Angela x20x

  18. Happy Anniversary not taking part this year but am trying to visit everyone who has posted. Never throw any scraps away come to think of it I never throw anything away. Ani #3